How to transform any text on your mac into a list with bullet points (macOS Shortcut)

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I regularly have to enter text on the web in multiple different forms, which itself doesn’t offer any formatting options. But, personally I like to structure things through text formatting, which enable more straight forward communication. One of the most formatting options I use are lists. I think they make it much easier to scan blocks of text fast. So, I would like to create lists even there, where no such formatting options are available.

In those cases I often see myself hard coding these lists by inserting (cmd + minus) or in front of each line of my handcrafted list.

As a developer I hate this style of hardcoding my lists. So, what I regular do instead of typing out these special characters for each line is using characters, which itself doesn’t require a key combination on my keyboard. For example - or *, like I would do, when writing AsciiDoc or Markdown.

But my problem with these characters is, that they doesn’t look like right, and indeed these aren’t the correct unicode symbols to built up a list.

With the release of macOS Monterey and the Shortcut app I finally was able to resolve this issue by creating a shortcut.

The shortcut handles any text input and automatically places a bullet point in front of each line.

So, what I can do now is:

  1. Write a list with a list item on each line
  2. Select the list
  3. Run my shortcut from the context menu

My lists then gets transformed into a nicely formatted bullet point list.

If you would like to do the same on your machine, why not just grab the shortcut from my store and drop it into your shortcuts.

You even can configure the bullet point symbol in the shortcut, so if you would like to use an emoji like 👉 instead of he default that is just fine and really not a big deal to configure.


You can find your version number in the first comment of the shortcut.


— David Wolf