How to configure WordPress Contact Form 7 SendinBlue integration to update existing SendinBlue contacts on form submission

The most current version as of .

WordPress contact form 7 comes with a built-in integration for SendinBlue. Each form submission can post contact data to SendinBlue. If you tried that integration, you may have noticed, that only new contacts are transferred through the integration.

Probably due to security thoughts, because say you have a user in your SendinBlue list with a email of and a first name of John. In case somebody submits a contact form on your page with the exact email of but instead of the real name (John) provides a name of Loser, the new contact name would be Loser. That’s what to keep in mind, when changing your contact form configuration, to also update existing contacts and not only add new ones.

For configuration contact form 7 SendinBlue integrations ships a filter wpcf7_sendinblue_contact_parameters. API-Parameters are included in the functions argument and can be modified. What we do is setting the 'updateEnabled' array field to true, which default is false.

    function (array $contactParams): array {
        $contactParams['updateEnabled'] = true;
        return $contactParams;

For more details on available configurations of the integration, check out the docs.

— David Wolf