You want to get
to know me?
My david name wolf is

I am a

full stack software developer

focused on

web technologies

but these are just


nothing more

Do these facts tell you anything about who I really am?
Not really, huh?
So why not break this loop of nonsense here?
And I will tell you who I really am.
I am the implementation of my codex.
At the same time, I am the author of my codex, so I am how I define myself to be.
And what is this codex all about?
My codex is mostly undefined, and so am I.
There is only one important concept, that is clearly defined.
I level up.
I learn.
That is the only thing that is fixed for my entire existence.
Everything else is constantly changing in all imaginable dimensions.
Whatever it takes.
And where do I go?
Whats the goal?
There is only one goal.
Which includes them all together.
Connecting the dots between the unknown and totally undefined.
Bringing my understanding of reality closer to the reality of the universe.
Approching an unfiltered picture of what is real.
Rise behind it.
Build a conscious existence.
It is all about reality.
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